Dravidavendanta Granthamala


Among the 4 Divyaprabhandhai text that originated from Nammalvari mystical experiences. the Tiruvaymolij Ranji the highest on the many. Commentaries written on it Idumuppattarayirappadi, is the most significant & extensive on dialing lucidly. with the pangs of separation & of the Joy of union between the individual soul & the almighty.

Academy is involved in publishing the books.

Bhagarad Vishayam in set of 10 volumes with translitral & translation of the "Idu" in Kannada and is the successful in releasing 3 volumes till date and 4th volumes very shortly.

Tiruvaimozhi is a hymn sung first by a celebrated seer who was given the title of Sri Nammalwar and his disciple Madhurakair appeared before him and imparted knowledge of the works of all Alwars including Nammalwar.

Thiruvaimozhi has many commentaries. As mentioned earlier, the first of them was recorded in Ramanuja's time. The Acharya gave many a discourse on Thiruvaimozhi. A close disciple (Pillan) of his made a record of his sayings by way of verbatim notes. They are referred to as the work of 6000, a padi is a cluster of 32 letters. The sayings of the contemporary seer Sri Parasara Bhattar were likewise recorded by his devoted disciple Sri Nanjiyar. They are the work of 9000. A disciple of Sri Nanjiyar gave discourses similarly, on the earlier work, and they were recorded by two of his close disciples .These are the work of 12000 and the work of 24,000. Another volume is the work of 36,000, it belongs to the 13th century. The present series of volumes covers his work of 36,000. It is also known as Idu. Another name for this is Bhagavadvisayam.

Among the four divyaprabandhams by Nammmalwar's mystical experience, Tiruvaimozhi ranks the highest. Most Srivaishnavas have made the recitation of Thiruvaimozhi and Idu a daily practice, as commentary on Idu is more lucid. This is even translated into Kannada also.