Guest House

Guest House of academy are intended for education purpose which shall be a non commercial basis. To maintain the de corium of the guest house policy as has drafted some rules

  1. Avaibility only through permission basis and permission limit only.
  2. Visitor Register: A visitor register shall be kept in custody of the guest house attendant.
  3. Attendants: Attendants as per the requirements shall provide in guest house the rules of all guest staying in guest house.. The member of attendants to be engaged on shift duties.
  4. Damage and loss : Visitors are responsible for any damage, loss or breakage caused to equipments or to infrastructure portions of academy, i.e. buildings, furniture's fittings etc,,, All such damages and losses, breakage etc come under the preview of the registrar and it will be final.
  5. Cancellation and Reservation: Reservation once made may ge get cancelled by giving at at least 3 days in advance.
  6. Transport: Academics will not be responsible for providing transport to any guest.