The Academy started as a traditional research centre on Visistadvaita and the teachings of Acharya Ramanuja. Later, it began to realize the development of science and technology and started catering to the needs of such people too. We installed computers for the regular work and programming. Besides, we have a printing machine, digitization equipment, solar power station, furniture, as infrastructural support for the academy. We have been utilizing the solar power for street lights, domestic lights in the cottage, water heater and related purposes. This is being managed by the grants being released by both the State as well as central Governments periodically on a plan basis.

Land About 18 Acres ( Partly Owned / Leased )
Buildings About 2350Sq.Mtrs. Consisting of :
  • Research & Academic Block
  • Library & Manuscript Block
  • Administrative Block
  • Cottages & guest House .. etc.,.
Machinery Printing Machines ; Diesel Power Gensets; Solar Power Systems; Pumpsets etc.,.
Computers & Peripherals and UPS Systems; Scanners etc.,.
Sophisticated Imported Digitization Equipments.
Furniture and Fittings
Library Books Over 28,000 Numbers
Palmleaf Manuscripts Over 10,000+
Vehicle 2
Human Resources  
a. Research Staff : More than 30 ( combined experience of whose is more than 150 years )
b. Non - Research Staff : More than 55 ( combined experience of whose is more than 100 years )