Lectures Seminars and Teaching Programs


It is a traditional practice that whenever a Sanskrit scholar visits the Academy, we organize a lecture by him. It is nothing but the exchange of ideas. Our scholars can improve upon their knowledge and apply better ideas in research. Many outstanding scholars had visited the Academy and addressed our scholars and staff members.

Seminars and Conferences

More than 20 Seminars and workshops of National and International levels. Some of them are:


  • Isavasyopanisad
  • Kannada Hastapratigalu in Karnataka
  • Kathopanisad
  • Srivaishnava Commentary Tradition
  • Mundakopanisad
  • Kenopanisad
  • Indian Semantics
  • Prasnopanisad
  • Knowledge representation in Sanskrit
  • Khyativada
  • Inference Mechanisms in Sastras & Computer Sciences
  • Melkote through the Ages
  • Taittiriyopanisad
  • Mandukyopanisad
  • Siksa sastra and Experimental Phonetics


  • Consciousness
  • Concept of Time
  • Melkote through the Ages
  • Sanskrit & Science
  • Sanskrit & Computers
  • Iron & Steel in Ancient India
  • Sanskrit Speech Recognition

Vidvad Ghostis

  • Visistadvaita
  • Jagatsristivichara
  • Apohavada
  • Abhavapadartha Parisilina
  • Padasakti
  • Dhatvartha
  • Vibhaktyartha