ASR is Situated on the hill in a serence atmosphere of melkote of south Nestled amidst the sprawling Rocks & Boulders consisting of some of the oldest rock formation on the surface of earth from the miles away one can the man made from of a Yoganarasimha temple rising out of the chaotic naturalness of the boulder strewn slopes forcing one attention upwards & away from the world which is reigned by the terrible forces of materialism utilitarianism & rationalism & every form of architecture found here, be it a pillar or a pond, a mantapa or a mathu, is built so that it brings forth a natural rhythm & is est in harmony with its surroundings life in Melkote relvoves  around the 2 Important shrines of Cheluvanarayana swami & Yoganarasimha swami the simplistic rituals & festivals of melkote are actually rooted  in the subtlest mystic experience of our premises  Melkote is thus an answer to several instincts in Man viz, the aesthetic & the ethical, the romantic & religious & soon.

Indian mythology is rich with several accounts of how the lord or his men incarnated on earth & restored  to man what had been lost either due to his negligence or due to the preponderance of destructive forces.  It is known from historical accounts that the temple town melkote, whose origin are last in antiquity had fallen to ruins in the 11th century A.D. the philosopher saint, sri Ramanuja, renovated the temple & the town & recovered the idol of Tirunarayanaswami from an art hill where it lay buried making it the seat for the propagation of his philosophy, Acharya Ramanuja re established Melkote as the center of Sanskrit & Vedantic learning, since then academy pursuits have received encouragement steadily thanks to the patronage of several royal dynasties, associated with the temple of Tirunarayana & the Philosophy of Vedanta, Veda Vedanta-Bodhini-Samskruta Patashala established in 1853, the first of its kind the whole of South India, stands as silent testimony to the legacy of Svadhyaya (study of the Vedas) left behind by the lord Dattatraya who expounded the Vedas at this place to his disciples in Krutayaya.  

  1. Since Melkote being the place where Ramanuja charya residual for 12 years & Propagated the visistadvaita philosophy, naturally most of the research work in the academy center around Vedanta & its relevance to the present. The broad theme of research are
  2. Critical examnition of & analysis of selected list
  3. Critical reviews of the works of individual authors
  4. Comparative study of various system of Vedanta philosophy
  5. Study of un published works
  6. Study of biography of Acharya .

Under each theme, projects are drawn up & a team of scholar’s work on the project. The project this under taken by the academy.