Objectives - Primary

  • Oriental Research : With special focus on Visishtadvaita Philosophy and comparative studies with other systems of thought and publications of the same.
  • Scientific Research : Of Mining / Engineering knowledge in the ancient texts with an eye on the future.
  • IT related Sanskrit Research : Development of software tools for Natural Languages Processing ( NLP ) in Indian Languages using insights and logic available in ancient in ancient texts. Also to develop tools for speech synthesis and speech recognition.
  • To discover , preserve and transmit the vast knowledge of Vedas, Sastras, Agamas and Anciant Indian Sciences.
  • To conduct resaerch in Vedic Systems and to relate the same to the present day scientific development
  • To develop a international and national level network of Sanskrit Schools and aryan station which are similar in objectives of academy.

Objectives - Secondary

  • Organizing Academic Courses ; Conferences; Seminars; Workshops etc.
  • Collect / Digitize Old / rare Manuscripts related to Sanskrit / Sashtras studies and publish useful works with their translation in English and other Indian Languages.
  • Develop a " Daiva Vana " - A traditional Indian garden using the concepts available in the Sashtras and adopting Zero Cultivation / Organic farming.