Printing Division / Digitization Division


ASR is Serious embarked upon digitization activities, in the attempts ASR has procured.  3 digitization cutting edge technology Gadgets there are 3 types

Digitization of Book’s

(1). A part from Digitization of manuscript, A.S.R. is Serious involved in the digitization of book’s in collaboration with “Carnegie Mellon university” through Indian Institute of Science of Dept of super computer & Education research Center of creating digital library which paves way to digitization the each pages of out of print books and to make access the same pages through online under the web:  this creates the Environment and join  the race of  ASR in creating E-books and E-library

(Image of Scanner)                           (Sample Pages)

For detail refer library page. this division was formally was inaugurated by Murali manohar Joshi  M.P.



Digitization of Palmleaf.

ASR is serious embarked upon digitization, activities in its attempts ASR has procured 3 Digitization cutting edge technology Gadgets this are 3 types

ASR:  his Equipped with “U Max  scanner” imported from Germany: this is station is exclusively dedicated to scan and  digitize the palm leaf of manuscript by this academy is creating digital environment and preserving the Palm leaf for next generation access through CDis and DVD’S  and through portable external disk: and unique of this station is that the operating system is Macintosh:

Presently, we are Scanning  Ramayana and the same is stored in around 71 cds and Nammalvar Tirumozhi is also being scanned and stored in CDs and  DVDs. Further academy is involved in project of National Manuscript Mission Originated for Govt of India.

Sample Page of digitization of palm luas

(Image of Scanner)                      (Sample Page)

Printing division

Academy in its procession has included and installed. Sophisticated printing machine for achieving self reliance in our research and publication activities, the printing division was formally inaugurated by Dr. k. Venkata subramaniam, member Union Planning Commission, image Scanner