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PUBLICATION - Desktop to desk

The Academy with the help of a most advanced Desk Top Publication system and a Rota offset printer partially supports its publishing activities itself. The results of research and the proceedings of seminars and workshops are brought out in the form of books.

The Academy brings out a Newsletter in English, complete with details regarding the activities of the Academy. At present, nearly 5,500 people are on the newsletter mailing list. The Academy also publishes a half - yearly journal called ' Tattvadipa ' with articles on philosophy, religion, fine arts, science, literature and so on.

List of Particular days on which ASR Publications are available at 50% Discount only for purchase through inperson and no orders are entertained placed through Emails and telephones and other methods of communications and also through orders by post letters etc.
1. New Year day, From Kotharotsavam to Angamani Utsavam (15 days), Punarvasu Utsvam, sri Kürattalwar Tirunakúatram
2. Rathasaptami, Madhvanavami. Srikulashekaralwar,Tirunakshatram , Mahshivaratri
3. Chandramana Yugadi , Vairamudi Brahmotsavam (From    Kalyanotsava to Sherati Seva Utsavamm for 12 days)Sriramannavami
4. Souramana yugadi , Sri Ramanujacharya’s  Tirunakshatram (For 10 days ) Shankara Jayanti ,Sri  Basavajayanti ,Ambedkar Jayanti,
5. Buddhapurnima ,Sri varaha Jayanti , Sri Narasimha jayanti
6. Pallavotsavam (7 days)
7. sri Krishnaraja mudi Brahmotsavam (10 days)
8.  Tiruvdipuram,Sri Badarinarayana Jayanti
9.  Gouri – Ganesha festival, Pavitrotsavam (7 days),      Sri Vedanta Desika Tirunakshatram
10. Navaratri – Vijayadasami (10 days)     Gandhi  jayanti,
Deepavali(2 days) ,Sri Manavalamamuni (Jiyar) Tirunakshtram,Sri Pillai lokacharya’s Tirunakshatram
11. Rajamudi Utasavam,Astatirthotsavam,Sri Kanaka dasa  jayanti
12. Uttana Dwadashi,Kruttikotsavam

Discount of 50 % on ASR Publication is available on days mentioned above only for those who buy books at the Academy premises by in person only


  • 22 publications in Sanskrit
  • 14 publications in English Language
  • 12 publications in Kannada Language




17 issues of bi - annual intervals


42 issues at Quarterly intervals
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Order Procedure

  1. Order may be placed through online / by post and also by telephone call
  2. Payment is preferred in advance in form of DD drawn in name of Director, ASR, Melkote or through MO
  3. Books will also be sent through VPP
  4. Postage not be beared by academy
  5. Discount for books seller & publisher is 35%
  6. Individual will be 10% and individual are eligible for discount of 25% with purchase of Rs1000 and above.