Science and Sanskrit


Sanskrit is indeed a beautiful & a wonderful language known as devabhasha or language of Gods. And every name means “refined” or “Sculpted to perfections” Sanskrit in its manifold aspects is the perfection of its grammar, charm & beauty of its poetry, & we look at it is a source of upliftment & enlightment as a scared medium for expressing the highest spiritual truths & experiences. As a part of scientific research. Academy has attempted in mining the knowledge of Aviation Science in Ancient India with an Eye on future

Ancient Sanskrit texts are a repository for scientific wisdom contained as a capsule. The fragrance of this wisdom needs to be spread far and wide including every household our sacred land of India. The “Cutting Edge Technologies” being presented in the forthcoming Science Congress, sharpened by the steely wisdom of our ancient seers should sprinkle intellectual thoughts making India a leader in “Science & Technology” in the foreseeable future. India should take leadership in the global movement of peace, moving with nature and environment, spearheading the scientific spirit of inquisitiveness in achieving the objectives of human upliftment for the benefit and welfare of entire universe.

The Academy of Sanskrit Research with its vision of bridging the gap between the past and the future through the present” has been making efforts to reach out to the public valuable information for their benefits through several platforms of scientific research. The present venture, the book on “Scientific & Technology in India through the ages” is one such humble effort.

The Academy of Sanskrit Research, Melkote based on successful handling of the project on “Cosmology” for ISRO, was asked to take up the challenging task of bringing out a book which can throw some light on Science & Technology in India through the ages. The Academy accepted in spite of heavy odds like short time frame. The task of convincing the modern scientists and present generation about the wisdom contained in the ancient texts is really a daunting one.

Academy has played a major role in unveiling content throw light on Sciences referred in Sanskrit language by publishing book “Science & Technology through the ages”

“Science & Technology in India through the Ages” is a book written in a simple yet easy to understand style. The book traces the developments in different fields of science from ancient times to modern times. It analyses the requirements of modern times and how the same could be benefited by capsules ancient wisdom.
Unique, because the book attempts to unlock the mysteries of the past,  compares the ancient visions and results of modern research based experiments and place the facts before the public in an unbiased way for their critical study and judicial implementation in life.

Covering a wide range of chapters from Agriculture to Ayurveda to Architecture: the book has 5 sections and 22 chapters. Chapters are grouped into Sections and are subdivided for clarity Suitable illustrations make the study interesting. The book is thought simulating and follows a subtle pattern

Efforts are made to give all documents on ancient wisdom with proper references to the stanza, the book, the author etc. This brings in certain discipline and ease in identifying the ancient books.

But the academy, in its own humble and systems way set forth to unearth the secrets of wisdom through ancient texts and view the modern scientific developments in the light of the above. Strange as it may seem, the results of many scientific researches are stunningly taking us back to the stark reality of the eternal truth of ancient wisdom.

The spread of “Ayurveda” and the spurt in the global demand of herbal medicine in the last decade is one such area where the healing effects of local herbs in several places around globe is being appreciated.