Suswara batch-1

#1 Ganesha


I bow down to lotus feet of  Vigneshwara with an Elephant face who is served by Celestial beings, who drinks the essence of Kapitta (wood apple) & Jambu (rose apple) fruits. He’s the son of Parvati and Shiva that removes our afflictions.

Swami PranavanandaGanesha Sloka

#2 Saraswati


I bow down to Saraswati, granter of our wishes. Please bless me with perfection as I begin my education. 

I bow down to She whose subtle form radiates like a clear crystal. She's premordial being in form of Sound vibrations, possessing four hands and all supreme powers. 

I bow down to She who's personification of wisdom that's manifested in Scriptures as well as both Knowledge and Ignorance within this creation.

Swami PranavanandaSaraswati sloka

#3 Gayatri


Her both feet are worshipped with jasmine, lotus, ketaki and water lily flowers. She blesses our intellect with essence of all Tattvas within this creation who also accompanies her in form of Aksharas(alphabets). She’s worshipped by those wise sages well versed in practices like Pranayama. I meditate upon this three eyed and five faced Goddess Gayatri who’s dear to the Lord Brahma.


Situated upon a swan beautifully adorned with Japaa flowers and various jewels, sound of her anklets expands the charm of this whole creation. Waters concealed within her clay water pot protects and drives the twice-born ones (i.e who received Gayatri deeksha). She eradicates the sins of those who chant (her mantra).  I meditate upon this three eyed and five faced Goddess Gayatri who’s dear to the Lord Brahma.

Swami PranavanandaGayatri Sloka

#4 Hanuman


I take refuge in Sri Hanuman who is swift as mind and fast as wind. He's master of his senses and excellence in intellect and wisdom. Who's son of Vayu bhagawan (Wind god) and chief among the monkey clan and messenger of Lord Rama.

Swami PranavanandaHanuman mantra

#5 Dakshinamurti

Swami PranavanandaDakshinamurti

#6 Bala Tripurasundari

#7 Raja Shyamala

Assignment #8

#8 Vishnu

Swami PranavanandaVishnu stotram